Transforming eLearning with AI

Transforming eLearning with AI

Experience personalized, interactive, and engaging learning like never before.

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Transforming eLearning with AI

Experience personalized, interactive, and engaging learning like never before.

Our Solutions

AI Powered Interactionsa

AI Powered Simulations and Interactions

Bespoke AI interactions crafted by our award-winning team.

AIReady Subscription Developer Toolkit

AIReady Subscription - Developer Toolkit

DIY your AI interactions. Integrate AI into your eLearning content.

Learning AI for Learning

Learning AI for Learning & Development - Workshops

Live workshops to upskill your team on various ways to use Artificial Intelligence. 

See it in action

What’s possible with AI-enabled eLearning?

AI integration lets you transcend the traditional boundaries of digital learning: Build real skills by using AI-driven simulations that mirror real life situations,  providing live practice and feedback to your online learners, offer real-time performance support with your specific knowledge base, and even let your mobile learners ‘talk’ to eLearning chatbot style. 

AI-integration takes personalization of learning to a new high – what would you do with a personalized digital coach?

All this within your current Learning Platform so learners and students don’t need to leave their familiar learning environment. We even match the branding so the AI activity seamlessly integrates with your content.

How can we help:

AI-powered interactions by Artha offers a fast and guaranteed way to start introducing AI in your library. Enhance your current library of courses, or add them as stand-alone activities. Either way, they’ll bound to generate lots of interest and discussion in your audience. For a one flat yearly fee, add unlimited uses of an AI-powered activity such as a role play or a custom digital coach. Simply choose the type of interactions suitable to you, or connect with our team for a discovery call.

Scale personalized support to your students like never before. Offer them unlimited practice via a random question generator, realistic simulations, or let them look up and ask questions from your course notes. Consider an auto-assessor for your formative assessments, which can provide detailed feedback on your students open-text inputs. Perfect as a stand-alone activity that sits in your LMS – Moodle, Brightspace, Canvas, or even your website!

AIReady subscription is the easiest and fastest way to get started building AI Activities for your portfolio, your team or your clients. Basic knowledge of JavaScript is helpful, but not required. We provide you everything you need to get started with one subscription – and most subscribers start building AI-enhanced eLearning activities within an hour! Just select the right tier for your anticipated usage and reporting requirements, and let us show you the way!

We’re here to promote AI-powered new interactions in our industry, and we appreciate your interest. We’d love to partner with you, so you can offer this new level 4 of interactions to your clients. We suggest buying a separate subscription for internal use, and for each client. Buying an opboarding package for your team will also allow you to quickly upskill your team and start offering a completely new service to your market. Get in touch today!

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