Learning AI for Learning – Workshops

Learning AI for Learning

Learning about AI is no longer a choice

The fast-changing AI landscape can be both exciting and overwhelming. Artha Learning can guide you on how best to navigate and harness this innovation in your organization through L&D. Book custom workshops by Garima Gupta and the Artha Learning’s AI team to explore how to best leverage Artificial Intelligence for your organization’s L&D department. 

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely address the unique challenges and opportunities that organizations face in learning and development. Especially with a technology as open-ended and evolving as Generative AI.

That’s why all of our workshops are tailored to align with your team’s specific needs, learning objectives, and organizational goals. They aim to leverage most potent opportunities in integrating AI into learning and development processes and products.

In long-format workshops, participants will have the opportunity to apply learned techniques to real-world scenarios and active projects within their organization. 

Note: These workshops are not currently available for open registration. We only run them for closed groups of L&D Teams as of now. Please reach out to us to schedule any of these workshops for your team.

Workshop Topics

AI for ID: Maximizing Efficiency in Instructional Design (2 hrs – 2 days)

Utilizing AI can greatly accelerate the various stages of instructional design, from content analysis to writing and storyboarding. The workshop equips attendees with the tools and methodologies to leverage AI for source content analysis, course design, scenario and assessment design planning and more.

Leveraging AI tools for Media Creation (2 hrs – 2 days)

AI can simplify and expedite media creation process for eLearning. Attendees will learn and practice to use the most effective AI-powered tools for graphic design, 2D and 3D image generation, as well as for audio and video content.

Prompt Engineering for L&D (1-2 hrs)

Effective prompt engineering is crucial for extracting accurate and helpful information from AI systems while minimizing the risk of AI-generated inaccuracies or hallucinations. This workshop will cover a variety of prompt-writing methods tailored for different organizational requirements, aiming to guide L&D professionals in crafting queries that yield the most reliable and useful responses from AI systems.

Building your first AI-integrated eLearning course (2-4 hrs)

Integration of AI into eLearning courses provides a dynamic and responsive learner experience. Attendees will learn how to implement AI-powered role-plays, real-time feedback mechanisms, and other interactive elements into their courses using AIReady, and will leave the workshop with a functioning AI-enabled eLearning activity.

Designing with AI in Mind: Best Practices for Developing AI-Enhanced Learning Modules (1-2 hrs)

Incorporating AI into learning modules requires a nuanced understanding of both technical and pedagogical considerations. This workshop will delve into strategic placement of AI activities within eLearning courses, methods for effectively communicating these features to learners, and making the most out of AI-generated analytics. 

AI in Assessment: Moving Beyond Multiple Choice with AI (1-2 hrs)

AI redefines assessments by transforming them from mere evaluation tools into instruments for personalized learning. Attendees will learn to implement AI algorithms for real-time grading, personalized feedback, and fostering critical thinking skills.


Enhanced Multiple Choice Questions

Transform traditional MCQs into interactive experiences. Provide us with your MCQ content, and we’ll enhance it with AI capabilities.

Need something else?

Contact us to customize/combine topics or to request other topics.  Other topics Garima and her team regularly speak on include Future of eLearning, Tools Landscape, Digital Accessibility, Branched eLearning experience, Avatars in Learning and Authentic Assessments.

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