AI Powered Interactions

AI Powered Interactions

A new level of interactivity in eLearning

Imagine powering digital learning experiences with Artificial Intelligence. What can an infinitely patient, vastly knowledgeable and fully customizable AI plugin do for your learning, training, performance support and teaching?

And what if these new AI powered interactions can be fully integrated, seamlessly, within your current LMS, LXP or website? No new logins, no new interface or tool for learners, but an experience truly unlike any in the past.

Explore AI activities that draw from your knowledge base, are designed with your company’s branding, and are built as per your requirements.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the interactions that work for you and reach out to us at or fill in the interest form here. We’ll get in touch asap.
  2. Our AIReady specialist ID will work with you to understand your requirements, answer any questions and build your unique AI activity.
  3. We will build you interaction in Articulate Storyline 360. You will receive a published file, ready to be deployed in your LMS or website. You will not need to buy any subscription, as our build takes care of it all.
  4. Just ‘plug and play’ your brand-new AI interaction for a fixed price every year. There are no set limits* on amount of usage, except as governed by the fair use policy detailed in the service agreement.
  5. Receive a monthly user insights report with details of user requests and AI responses.


Is it safe? AIReady implementation is one of the safest ways to implemented AI in your organization. No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is collected at any point. Data security is our top priority. All interactions with AIReady are encrypted, and we adhere to strict data protection protocols to ensure your content and learner data remain confidential. If you need to convince your IT or Legal teams, let us know and we’ll provide you the technical information you may need to send them.

Ask an Expert

  • An ever-present AI Expert to guide your learners.
  • The Expert can answer questions or doubts on the given topic.
  • The answers can be programmed to be a few sentences long, or much longer.
  • The answers can be customized to be around a specific topic, or of a specific length.
  • This interaction is very helpful as a “help” or “Ask me anything” button or slide.
  • The interaction can be programmed to answer only from specific documents.

 Auto Assessments

  • Auto assess text written by users
  • Provide scoring guidelines as rubrics or example responses.
  • AI will refer to your guidelines when assessing the user’s response
  • Provide feedback and/or score based on your criteria.
  • Ideal for formative assessments and reflection exercises.

Role Play Simulations

  • Custom Roleplay interaction between user and AI agent
  • AI can be programmed for any persona – an angry customer, a difficult employee, a potential client, an interviewer etc.
  • The feedback can be based on your criteria (e.g. Did the learner use STAR methodology to explain their project?)
  • At the end of interaction, AI can change the role to a coach and provide feedback to learner on how the conversation went.
  • AI will continue responding to user inputs as per their persona, and continue the conversation.
  • The roleplay can be programmed to be as long as you want.

Infinite Question Generator

  • Create an infinite practice interaction using AI to generate random questions on a topic.
  • Ideal for Exam preparations or compliance scenarios.
  • AI will also be able to assess the learner’s answer to the question and provide feedback.
  • Predefine topic and level of complexity for the topic.

More Information

  • Can I try it out myself?  For sure! Ask for a demo here and we’ll promptly send you a trial link!
  • How much does it cost?  For only $5,000, our team will build your own unique AI interaction. You will need an active AIReady subscription based on your usage requirements.
  • Can I use it in multiple places/modules? Absolutely. Use them wherever you think they will hepl your learners. Note: you will get the source files, and you can tweak them to fit your different needs as well.
  • Will it run on our LMS?  Almost certainly, unless you have some unusual firewalls built in. The AI interactions have been tested on Scorm Cloud and successfully deployed on many organization’s LMSs. We can send you a small ‘test’ package to try it out if that’s a concern. Email us at
  • How do I get it for my organization? Get in touch, and we’ll get back promptly to schedule a quick call to collect your requirements and answer any follow up questions. We require a credit card for the subscription purchase, but the one-time dev fee can be paid by invoice if preferred.

Why Partner with Artha Learning?

  • AI Expertise at Its Best: Our team’s specialized training in AIReady sets us apart. We’re not just eLearning developers; we’re pioneers in integrating AI into learning modules. This expertise ensures that we deliver innovative and technologically advanced solutions every time.
  • Recognized Excellence: Our track record speaks for itself. As an award-winning content creator, we consistently deliver top-tier solutions. Learn more about our journey at
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: We’re at the vanguard of eLearning, ensuring our solutions are both impactful and future-proof.
  • Collaboration at Its Core: We value your insights and work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring the end product resonates with your brand and learners.

Eager to embark on an AI-enhanced eLearning journey?

Connect with us and let’s craft something extraordinary.