AI Powered Interactions

AI Powered Interactions

A new level of interactivity in eLearning

Imagine powering digital learning experiences with Artificial Intelligence. What can an infinitely patient, vastly knowledgeable and fully customizable AI plugin do for your learning, training, performance support and teaching?

And what if these new AI powered simulations and interactions can be fully integrated, seamlessly, within your current LMS, LXP or website? No new logins, no new interface or tool for learners, but an experience truly unlike any in the past.

Explore AI activities that draw from your knowledge base, are designed with your company’s branding, and are built as per your requirements.

How does it work?

Our team at Artha is the leader is building unique AI-powered interactions for Education, Learning and Development. Bring to us your idea and let us build your solution. We take care of all technical details around AI, work with your IT and/or Legal team to ensure secure implementation, and work with you to address the learners needs with solid pedagogical design.

    1. Reach out to us at and tell us your ideas. We’ll get in touch asap.
    2. Our AIReady specialist ID will work with you to understand your requirements, answer any questions and build your unique AI activity. 
    3. We will build you interaction in Articulate Storyline 360. You will receive a published file, ready to be deployed in your LMS or website. You will not need to buy any other subscription, as we take care of it all.
    4. Just ‘plug and play’ your brand-new AI interaction.
    5. Receive a monthly user insights report with details of user requests and AI responses.

Is it secure?

AIReady implementation is one of the safest ways to implement AI in your organization. No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is collected at any point. Data security is our top priority. All interactions with AIReady are encrypted, and we adhere to strict data protection protocols to ensure your content and learner data remain confidential.
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What's the cost?

The cost of building a custom AI-powered simulation depends on its complexity and usage. Typically, the pricing would include a one-time development fee and an annual subscription for expected usage. Get in touch and get a quote.
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AI Digital Coach

An ever-present expert provides personalized learning support and feedback, transforming the eLearning experience with accessible, tailored guidance.

AI Simulations

Engage in realistic scenarios to practice skills, using immersive simulations that mirror real-world challenges for hands-on learning experiences.

Auto Assessor

Automate assessments with instant feedback and scoring, streamlining the evaluation process for written responses using customizable criteria.

Question Generator

Generate endless, tailored questions for any topic, ideal for exam prep, offering personalized practice with immediate feedback to enhance learning.

Custom Activity

Unique learning activities tailored to your specific goals, bringing fresh, innovative ideas to life for engaging, customized educational experiences.

Why Partner with Artha Learning?

  • AI Expertise at Its Best: Our team’s specialized training in AIReady sets us apart. We’re not just eLearning developers; we’re pioneers in integrating AI into learning modules. This expertise ensures that we deliver innovative and technologically advanced solutions every time.
  • Recognized Excellence: Our track record speaks for itself. As an award-winning content creator, we consistently deliver top-tier solutions. Learn more about our journey at
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: We’re at the vanguard of eLearning, ensuring our solutions are both impactful and future-proof.
  • Collaboration at Its Core: We value your insights and work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring the end product resonates with your brand and learners.

Embark on an AI-enhanced eLearning journey with us!

Connect with us and let’s craft something extraordinary.

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