I've followed several of the videos and have found AIReady easy to use "right out of the box." The PDF that I received containing the Key and instructions on how to complete the first exercise was well laid out and easy to follow. IAs I mentioned in a previous message to you, I'm integrating AIReady into a Elevator Pitch Storyline 360 project that I completed almost a year ago. I see AIREady enabling me to offer the learner a far greater degree of realistic practicing of the Pitch, and receiving targeted feedback. I'm a fan!

I like AIReady so much; it is so easy to use! I cannot wait to share your integration with my class!

It feels like Magic! And the pricing is so much more reasonable than other AI products we have explored in the market.

This is a game changer. I can use it in so many advanced ways just by using that one code you provided. Thank you! I'm a super star in my team now.

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