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Dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence in eLearning with our curated collection of publications and blog posts. From understanding the basics of AI to exploring its transformative impact on eLearning, our resources provide valuable insights for educators, learners, and industry professionals alike.

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AI eBook

Explore the intricacies of AI in eLearning with our comprehensive eBook. A must-read for anyone looking to integrate AI into their learning modules.


The AI Advantage: Boosting Student Engagement in Self-paced Learning through AI

Discover how AI can elevate student engagement, especially in self-paced learning environments.

BPM Cover

Transforming e-learning through AI: Integrating ChatGPT into Learning Modules

Delve into the transformative potential of integrating ChatGPT into eLearning modules.

Beyond Buzzwords The Practical Implementation of AI in L&D

AI in E-Learning: Too Early, Too Much, or Just Right?

A thought-provoking piece that discusses the timing and extent of AI integration in eLearning.

AI in action

AI in Action: Applications of AI for Self-Paced eLearning

Learn about the practical applications of AI in self-paced eLearning environments.

talking AI with leadership

Stepping Up The L&D Game: Talking AI With Your Leadership

A guide on how to communicate the benefits and potential of AI to leadership teams in the Learning & Development sector.

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